Mar 26,2019

Tim Gramatovich Joins B. Riley Capital Management’s New Credit Platform as Chief Investment Officer

Firm establishes new division, Gateway Credit Partners, specializing in the issuance of Collateralized Debt Obligations

LOS ANGELES, March 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- B. Riley Capital Management, LLC, a SEC Registered Investment Advisor and wholly-owned subsidiary of B. Riley Financial, Inc., (NASDAQ: RILY), today announced that Tim Gramatovich joined the firm as Chief Investment Officer of its newly established credit platform, Gateway Credit Partners.

Gateway Credit Partners is a value-based corporate credit investor providing discretionary fixed income investment management services. The team will focus on identifying and acquiring undervalued securities in the non-investment grade corporate credit market and intends to implement their portfolio management services through Collateralized Debt Obligation (“CDO”) structures. In his new role, Mr. Gramatovich will be responsible for establishing the firm’s presence in actively managed structured credit portfolios.

“Tim’s extensive experience, combined with his unique approach to investing in the high yield bond and leveraged loan markets, make him a valuable addition to our new platform,” said Bryant Riley, CEO of B. Riley Capital Management. “We look forward to leveraging his expertise in support of this effort and directly investing in these attractive structures.”

“I’m excited to join Gateway Credit Partners and establish our presence in actively managed structured credit portfolios,” said Mr. Gramatovich. “The secondary loan market is now the high yield bond market of old, smaller and orphaned issuers, making CDO structures the optimal delivery vehicle for active credit investing. Our philosophy is aligned with the belief that active management and security selection is going to become increasingly more important in the credit markets going forward. Being a part of the B. Riley platform enables us to expand our reach and leverage the expertise to source, analyze, value and trade off-the-run securities. This collaboration will allow us to establish a solid foundation for us to deliver alpha to our customers.”

Mr. Gramatovich has over 30 years of experience in the leveraged finance business. Prior to joining the firm, he was previously Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Peritus Asset Management where he was responsible for establishing the detailed investment process that allowed the firm to successfully issue several cash flow CDO structures focusing on the high yield bond market along with the first actively managed high yield bond and leveraged loan ETF.

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